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Techniques & Methods

Chiropractic Adjustments: Align your spine to remove irritation to your nervous system. This allows your body to communicate properly so that it may heal. As a result, you become loose, flexible, pain free and are able to function at peak performance.

Stretching & Strengthening: You will be given stretching and strengthening exercises that best fit your needs.

Nutrition: Proper nutrition is essential to a life free from pain and disease. Professional grade Dr. recommended supplements may be useful to assist you along the road to better health. Nutritional Consultations are available.

Physiotherapy: Biofreeze / Sombra, heat / ice, electronic muscle stimulation, and / or ultrasound may be used to expedite the healing process.

Lifestyle Advice and Ergonomic Support: Healthy habits and injury prevention are essential to any chiropractic wellness program. Back supports, foot orthotics, and neck pillows can be custom-fit to keep your spine in alignment while you sit, drive, walk, or sleep.